Haitan god
2016-06-28 6

Haitan god and half-foreign Shifan (Shipai ocean) and said Kistler Pingtan Island "Shuangjue", located south of Haitan Island - South China Sea island at the southern end seaside village pond as a giant gray granite, natural stone pictographic people. God headrest beach, feet stretched the South China Sea. Lying 330 meters long, 150 meters wide chest, head 35 meters wide, 31 meters high head, neck length 18.3 m, a cylindrical lower body oblique Alice weathered rock, such as male characteristics, its 4.15 meters high, 4.50 meters diameter around, for the surrounding Yufu procreation worship was, according to legend was the touch of this, it can give birth to a big fat baby. Whole body are weathered granite spherical shape, such a huge spherical shape weathered rare in the world, the world is Wonderful.