Thirty-six foot lake
2016-06-28 6

Thirty-six foot lake, the largest natural freshwater lake in Fujian Province. It is the life of the lake Pingtan people, with a total area of 2.1 million square meters, storage capacity of 1290 cubic meters, maximum depth of 16 meters. Wherein, lake, sea, mountains, forests pavilions, rocks, reefs, monument, interspersed with staggered island, lake level as a mirror, eye candy, known as Pearl Island. Thirty-six foot Pingtan County lake is an important water source for domestic and industrial water use. Surrounding sea landscape development, beautiful scenery, it is one of the famous scenic spot. Fujian sailing team here as a training base. Protect the lake are mirror mountain Niushan, Hai Tan Hill, several Diego Tsui, Mountain optical flow shadow, shore grass Qian Qian, strange Shi Zhengrong. What Citylink poem reads: "ten thousand ares waves open a mirror, Choi Chung Department after the roof dare boast body on endlessly, sunny light blowing attracted to.." Because Haitan Island belongs to sea erosion, grotesque rocks more particularly, wherein there are stone eagle, rooster stone, mushroom, bamboo shoots stone, square stone wind 40 multiple,it is very bizarre and fun.