South Bay Forum
2016-06-28 5

South Bay is located in Fuzhou altar Haitan Island (ie Pingtan Island) southeast, which is a tourist seaside conditions no less favorable dragon head another natural beach. Beach coastline 22 km, to be reclaimed is a "virgin land", the "Gold Coast" reputation, is the focus of future development of Pingtan sandy beach. Pingtan comprehensive experimental zone since the establishment of the South Bay Belle altar drew another batch of the delegation. According to incomplete statistics, there are nearly a batch delegation to study here. Altar South Bay east of the sea, beach flat surface, such as silver sand, the "altar Southern Silver," said. Tan Tan Kok South Bay at the end of the tail, prominent headland, extraordinary scenery, pictographic rocks around the seaside sand hill. South Bay side of the altar in the Tiger Mountain by seminar served as a headquarters, after the end of the exercise will put the renamed Tiger Hill General Hill. Peak also has a tower, the generals column. General summit tower, altar South Bay views, panoramic view.