Haitan ancient city
2016-06-28 4

Haitan ancient city on the largest island in Fujian Province - Pingtan Island, located in the beautiful South Bay altar coastal tourist areas. Haitan Old Town area of 1047 mu, the Chinese and Hui Group spent 8.6 billion, according to the national 5A scenic spot standard construction. To demonstrate the Millennium Fujian maritime culture for the purpose, effort to create a set of tourism and leisure, seaside resort, interactive experience, tourism and shopping as one of the major tourism and cultural complex, is also China's first island tourist city. Joy to the whole marine-themed indoor theme park carnival, through high-tech multimedia technology, maritime Silk Road scene reconstruction, to create closer integration of fantasy and modern marine-themed castle Qinzileyuan happiness. Hee Park by the sea Poseidon hall, coral gardens, deep-sea big carnival, rafting pier area consisting of four fantastic theme, where you can enjoy playfully Happy jellyfish, sea climbing, bubble ball city, deep sea adventure ...... here is the mysterious underwater world, a parent-child family recreational paradise, a barometer ages, young and old fun new theme park, is a place to dream of flying. (Project Hee sea garden) by sea Cry 3D video visual effects and live action combined with smoke, vapor effects and visitors interact with sound and light effects and so increase the terror, so Hai Tan Street fourteen strange strange vivid, horror hideous ...... Inner Senses in strange mysterious, all kinds of strange stubble, so that you can not imagine all kinds of surprises at various exclaimed again and again ...... you dare to challenge your guts it? Serenity Boutique Inn is build homes Ming and Qing Dynasties Yihong theme style inn.