Tong Lantau Island
2016-06-28 4

Tong Lantau Island at the southern tip of Pingtan County, Fujian Province, is the island continent from Hsinchu County, Taiwan, the nearest inhabited. Tong Lantau Island is located in the southernmost tip of the island of Pingtan, belonging to the township under the jurisdiction of the South China Sea, the island of prolate shape, Tangyu southernmost island beaches, natural crescent-shaped beach haven formula can be used for swimming surfing beach shoreline there are more than 1000 m, the sea very clear. In addition to rock hilly landscape outside, mostly sandy plains, fine sand deposited coating with most over 50 meters thick. According to the information contained in, the sea god altar 330 meters in length, 150 meters wide body. Chest 36 meters high, 33 meters long head, pants oblique Alice a columnar rock weathering, such as male characteristics, its 4.15 meters high, 4.50 meters diameter around for surrounding Yufu procreation worship matter. Tenjin whole body are weathered granite spherical shape, such a huge spherical shape weathering is rare, amazing world.